The California Massage Therapy Council ("CAMTC") was created by the California Legislature through the enactment of Senate Bill 731 and re-authorized by Assembly Bill 1147 and again in 2016 by assembly bill 2194. CAMTC is a private nonprofit public benefit corporation. Its' volunteer Board of Directors is appointed by California cities, counties, law enforcement, massage schools, the Department of Consumer Affairs, professional massage associations and other stakeholders as authorized by law in California Business and Professions Code sections 4600 et. seq.

CAMTC is required by California Business and Professions Code section 4600 et. seq. to:

  1. Create and implement a voluntary certification program for the massage therapy profession that will enable consumers to easily identify credible Certified Massage Therapists (CMTs);
  2. Ensure that certified massage professionals have completed sufficient training at approved schools; and
  3. Approve massage schools. As of July 1, 2016, CAMTC only accepts education from massage school programs that have been CAMTC approved.

California Massage Therapy Council's mission is to protect the public by certifying massage professionals in California that meet the requirements in the law, and approving massage programs that meet the minimum standards for training and curriculum.

California Massage Therapy Council
One Capitol Mall, Suite 800
Sacramento, CA 95814


CAMTC does not accept walk-in or scheduled meetings with applicants and other interested parties.