CAMTC Live Scan Fingerprinting Instructions

All applicants for CAMTC Certification in the profession of Massage Therapy are required to submit fingerprint information to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) via the Live Scan process.

Previously processed fingerprint cards or photocopies of fingerprint impressions are not acceptable. Applicants who have been fingerprinted via Live Scan by other agencies or for other purposes must be Live Scan fingerprinted again in order to supply the agency specific information required by CAMTC.

Live Scan fingerprints must be taken in the State of California.

Fingerprint Fees

The DOJ and FBI fingerprint processing fees are established by the DOJ and FBI respectively, and are subject to change by those agencies without notice. A processing fee is also charged by the Live Scan Vendor. A typical total for fingerprint processing fees related to CAMTC Certification might range between $70 to $90, and may be broken down as follows:

  • LIVE SCAN VENDOR FEE $19 - $39

The local Live Scan Vendor will inform you of accepted methods of payment.

The Live Scan Fingerprint Process

All applicants for CAMTC Certification must complete and submit the pre-populated Massage Therapist “Request for Live Scan Service form", which you will need to print and bring 2 copies with you to the Live Scan Vendor.

1. Make two (2) photocopies of the Massage Therapist Live Scan Service form.

2. Choose a local Live Scan Vendor from the DOJ list.

Live Scan fingerprints can be obtained at most local Police and Sheriff stations, and other approved live scan locations.

NOTE: Police and Sheriff stations may be more experienced in securing legible fingerprints from massage professionals with thin or worn ridges in the pattern area.

3. Take your completed, original Live Scan Request form and your two copies to the Live Scan Vendor of your choice.

4. Bring your Driver's License and/or other form of photo identification with you (passport, military ID, etc.).

5. Provide the Live Scan Fee to the Live Scan Operator (possibly between $70 to $90).

6. Once your fingerprints have been scanned, the Live Scan operator will complete the last section of your Live Scan Request form and will keep the original form.

7. One copy of the completed form is for your records. Submit the other completed copy of the Live Scan Request form to CAMTC. You can fax to 916-669-5337 or mail to CAMTC, One Capitol Mall - Suite 800, Sacramento, CA 95814

How do I complete the Live Scan Request Form?

Your CAMTC Live Scan Request form has been pre-populated with the CAMTC identifying information required by the DOJ. The only section you need to complete is the “Applicant Information” section of the form.

Please take care to note the following as you complete the “Applicant Information” section of your Live Scan Request form:

  • Your name on the Live Scan Request form must be identical to the name you provided on your application to CAMTC.
  • To facilitate prompt and accurate processing, please PRINT LEGIBLY as you fill in the “Applicant Information” section of the Live Scan Request Form.

When will CAMTC receive my Live Scan Results from DOJ/FBI?

The DOJ is able to process up to 95% of Live Scan Applicant fingerprint submissions in seventy-two (72) hours or less. Information from the FBI can take considerably longer to process.

Fingerprints are rejected on occasion due to the applicant's fingerprints having characteristics that are difficult to capture in the Live Scan process. If your fingerprints are rejected by DOJ/FBI, CAMTC will notify you via mail with instructions on how to be re-printed.

Please note that CAMTC expressly cannot guarantee that you will receive your CAMTC Certification on a specific date or within a specific time period, due to elements of the certification process that are beyond the control of CAMTC. Such elements include, but are not limited to receipt of official school transcripts, receipt of supplementary information (if applicable), exam documentation, and receipt of fingerprint results from the DOJ and FBI.

Once we receive the above elements, as well as a completed and signed application with payment, the CAMTC Certification process for massage professionals in California begins. If you have feedback or questions,  email or call us at 916-669-5336.