If you or your spouse are active duty military personnel and your CAMTC Certification has expired, please read the document linked below titled:

Procedures for Recertification of Active Duty Military Personnel and Their Spouses

Important Reminder: Due to the COVID-19 health crisis and in compliance with health experts and authorities, CAMTC is conducting modified operations and is not currently sending or receiving physical mail or packages. Please do not send mail to CAMTC – it will not be processed timely. If you have mailed any documents to CAMTC, we recommend that you resubmit those documents by email as described below. Until further notice, any documents that you would like CAMTC to receive and review must be submitted electronically. Please submit them by email to the following address:   info@camtc.org

However any documents emailed to CAMTC, must not include credit card numbers and credit card information, as those emails will be deleted/destroyed. All payments must be made via your Dashboard.

At this time, please apply and pay for CAMTC Recertification on your Dashboard. All payments must be made by credit or debit card – we will not be accepting checks, cashier’s checks or money orders until further notice. 

If you request additional original CAMTC Certificates and CAMTC ID cards, CAMTC will process those requests after normal operations have resumed. We are not processing these requests at this time.

All applications for CAMTC Certification and CAMTC Recertification must be submitted online. If a Certification Support Specialist has contacted you and requested supporting documents or information, you may reply directly to their email. 

Please check our website at www.camtc.org for updates.

A Message to CAMTC Certificate Holders:

No Late Fees through April 30, 2021

We at CAMTC understand that you and your loved ones are going through a lot due to the current unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis. We would like to make massage professionals who are eligible to apply for recertification, be aware of CAMTC’s NEW Late Fee Forgiveness Program.  

Now through April 30, 2021, CAMTC will help by refunding any and all late fees. Application processing fees collected during this time period will have all associated late fees refunded and waived.

If you paid a late fee since the previous grace period ended, CAMTC is also allowing individuals who applied for CAMTC Recertification since June 2020 to have any paid late fees refunded and waived retroactively.

Your late fee refund will be credited back to the same credit or debit card that was used to pay the Application processing fee.

No action will be needed on your part. Although our system automatically charges a late fee when a CAMTC Certificate has expired, our Certification Support Specialists will monitor payment activity and will proactively initiate the late fee refund for you within five business days. If any questions arise on our end, a knowledgeable CAMTC Customer Service agent will reach out to you.

If you do not see the refund credited by your bank within 30 days, please reach out to us by sending an email to info@camtc.org.

Thank you for choosing CAMTC Certification. As we work together to protect the public and elevate the profession, CAMTC will continue to operate and support our Certificate Holders.

All CAMTC Certificate Holders will need to click here to register the first time using the new website in order to complete an Online CAMTC Recertification Application.

Please note that some account information is currently under construction. All Certificate Holders will receive an email once they are able to login to their dashboard and view their status. Please contact our customer service department with any questions about your login at info@camtc.org or call (916) 669-5336.

If you are already registered for this new site, click here to login and go to your dashboard. On your dashboard you will be able to view your certification information. You can also update your contact info and add work addresses within 30 days of changes, as required by the Massage Therapy Act. When it's timely, you can easily login to your dashboard to simply apply for CAMTC Recertification online. 

Simply login to your dashboard to apply for CAMTC Recertification online.

Remember that Certificate Holders may apply for CAMTC Recertification three months prior to their expiration date. Only as a courtesy, CAMTC may send notification to you by email and regular mail, reminding you of the need to recertify. Failure to receive a reminder notification does not waive your responsibility to submit a fully completed CAMTC Recertification Application and ensure that it is 'received' by CAMTC (not postmarked) at least 60 days before the expiration date listed on your CAMTC ID Card. 

Please make sure that you have updated your contact information as required by California State Law, including your phone number, primary email address, home address and each workplace address, within 30 days of any changes. This will help to ensure that you receive a reminder of your need to recertify.  

Certificate Holders who have submitted a completed CAMTC Recertification Application that is 'received' by CAMTC at least 60 days before expiration, and without any background issues, should have a new CAMTC Certificate and CAMTC ID Card mailed at least 5 days prior to the date of expiration.

If your CAMTC Certificate and CAMTC ID Card have not reached you by 10 days of email notification that your recertification has been approved, please contact CAMTC at info@camtc.org or call (916) 669-5336.

Original CAMTC Certificates are required by California State Law to be displayed at each workplace location. Photocopies are not acceptable. If you have ordered extra CAMTC Certificates they might be mailed separately.