Massage school owners and administrators, if you would like to be able to receive information regarding the status of an application of a student or graduate, please fill out the form at this link.

Notice to CAMTC Approved Schools and to Applicants for CAMTC School Approval: Please download the CAMTC Fee Schedule for Schools here.

Notice of New Monthly Schools Conference Call - 1st Wednesday of Every Month

To provide faster and more direct communication between CAMTC and California massage schools, CAMTC will host a Monthly Schools Conference Call the first Wednesday of every month at 2:00pm. To participate in the upcoming conference call, simply call the phone number below and then when prompted, enter the passcode below followed by the # sign:

Phone number:  877-366-0711

Passcode:  82373574 #

The easy accessibility and frequency of these monthly conference calls will allow schools to receive current CAMTC/ESD information, ask questions, and make recommendations in a timely and direct manner. These monthly conference calls work in conjunction with our quarterly CAMTC School Newsletter and Schools Advisory Committee to foster closer relationships with schools by enhancing communication and the accessibility of relevant information.

The schools conference calls are provided as a service for current owners and administrators of CAMTC Approved Schools, to receive information and have questions answered. While others are welcome to listen in, only school owners and administrators may participate with questions and/or suggestions about CAMTC School Approval, the approval process, CAMTC Certification as it applies to schools, or any other topics related to schools and CAMTC. Although not required, please submit your school-related questions in writing to for answers on the next conference call.

An email reminder will be sent to CAMTC Approved Schools, with the phone number and passcode approximately 3 weeks before the conference calls each month. CAMTC invites you to participate, whether you ask questions or silently listen to questions and answers. Callers who are not massage school owners or administrators will have 2 minutes towards the end of the call to make a statement, if time permits.

Notice to Approved Schools - New CAMTC Application for Change of Staff

Thanks to a helpful suggestion from a school on one of our monthly Schools Conference Calls, the Educational Standards Division has created a simplified application packet for staff changes to your school. Click here to download the CAMTC Application for Change of Staff packet if you will be making new changes or if you have already made changes since completing your CAMTC Application for Massage Program Approval or Re-Approval.

As a reminder, schools must inform CAMTC of all changes affecting their massage program including, but not limited to, changes to ownership, officers, school name, school address, BPPE approval, curriculum, instructors, and administrators. Use the application packet noted above for all changes of staff, including instructors, authorized transcript signers, and administrators. For all other changes, send an email to

Notice to Approved Schools About Re-Approval

Re-Approval Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. You may check your school’s approval expiration date on your original Letter of Approval, your Certificate of School Approval, or on CAMTC’s website at to find your school's listing.

CAMTC should receive the completed CAMTC Application for Massage Program Re-Approval Ver. 12.1.18 at least six months, but no more than 12 months, prior to your school’s approval expiration date in order to prevent a possible lapse of CAMTC School Approval. The application for new schools may look similar, but it is indeed different. Please note that if you submit the wrong application to CAMTC, it will be returned to you and this can significantly slow down the re-approval process. Carefully read the entire Re-Approval Application. What each school is required to submit varies based on changes the program has experienced since the initial CAMTC approval.

Applications for re-approval have been submitted and the first re-approvals occurred in June 2, 2018.

Please also review the Policies and Procedures for Approval of Schools on CAMTC’s website to ensure that your school remains in compliance.